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Exercise on a Molecular Level

We all know exercise is good for us. Running, biking, weight lifting, or yoga—moving our bodies makes us healthier. And research at Joslin is elucidating why. The lab of Laurie Goodyear, Ph.D. studies what exercise does to our bodies on … Continue reading

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Ask Joslin: Exercise Edition

Why will resistance training help me lose weight? Resistance training is a form of strength training where the muscles contract against a force.  The greater the force you are working against the more calories are expended and the more the … Continue reading

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Try Water Aerobics This Summer!

Memorial Day is just around the corner so you know what that means—the traditional start to pool season! Stay refreshed and fit in the water this summer and cannonball into a new exercise routine! Water aerobics is an excellent workout … Continue reading

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A Top Priority, Any Time or Place

My name is Jay Smith, and I have been a patient at the Joslin Clinic since 2005. I just completed the first phase of  Why WAIT, a weight loss and intensive treatment program offered at the Joslin Clinic. During the … Continue reading

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Learn More About Pilates

It’s no surprise that when you have diabetes keeping physically active is a crucial part in managing the disease. But it’s hard to stay motivated and committed to your fitness goals when you’re doing the same exercise routine day in … Continue reading

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IronDiabetic: Swimming, Biking, and Running for a Cure!

Each year some of the best athletes gather together to compete in the world’s toughest triathlon by swimming, biking, and running for total of 140.6 miles without stopping. Through the grueling length and harsh conditions, competitors strive to complete this … Continue reading

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Show Us Your Pedometer!

As part of National Exercise Month, Joslin Diabetes Center is starting a Show Us Your Pedometer campaign to motivate people to increase their daily physical activity. A pedometer, which is a portable device that measures a person’s physical activity throughout … Continue reading

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Blood Glucose Goals for Physical Activity

Blood glucose goals around physical activity are to avoid hypoglycemia both during and after activity, and return to target blood glucose levels following activity, as well as to avoid hyperglycemia. Your personal target blood glucose levels should be discussed with your doctor. The best way … Continue reading

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The Benefit of the Exercise Physiologist

Good nutrition without physical activity is like eating one-half of a really tasty sandwich. Although the half maybe nourishing and appealing, it isn’t fully satisfying. To achieve good health and excellent glycemic control you need both halves of the sandwich. … Continue reading

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Strength Exercises: National Exercise Month 2013

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