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Dietary Fat Can Affect Glucose Levels and Insulin Requirements for People with Type 1 Diabetes

In a study of patients with type 1 diabetes, Joslin researchers found that dietary fat can affect glucose levels and insulin requirements. These findings, which appeared in the April edition of Diabetes Care, have major implications for the management of … Continue reading

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Can Late Dinners Fit into Your Meal Plan?

For many patients it is good practice to eat consistently. That translates into eating about the same amount of carbohydrate at meals and eating on a schedule. But suppose your schedule requires that you eat dinner about 8:30 or even … Continue reading

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Protein Breakdown: What it Does for Your Diabetes

Carbs, carbs, carbs – reading diabetes magazines and talking to doctors and dietitians you could get the impression that managing your diet is all about how much and what type of carbohydrate foods you are eating. Now there is no … Continue reading

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Plan Your Meals with a New App from Joslin’s AADI

Drop chicken into the wok, listen as it sizzles and pops. Toss in a few snap peas, sprinkle on some spices, and stir. Watch as a dragon in chef’s garb rates the nutritional value of your dish. Drag ’n Cook, … Continue reading

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