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Boston Cannons Midfielder Chris Eck Gives the Short Stick to Diabetes

Chris Eck knows well how to faceoff with a short stick on the lacrosse field. Now, he’s learning how to do it off the field, in the game called living with diabetes. The 26-year-old Eck is a midfielder and faceoff … Continue reading

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Helping Your Child Manage Type 1 Diabetes (a.k.a. Juvenile Diabetes)

Helping your child manage his or her diabetes can be overwhelming. It’s hard enough to get children dressed, fed and out the door in the morning without the extra worries of blood-glucose levels, insulin injections (or pump maintenance) and carb … Continue reading

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Childhood Diabetes

Diabetes is all about insulin, a hormone that is essential to escort glucose (a form of sugar) from the foods we eat into cells of the body where it is critically needed to function properly. Without insulin, high levels of … Continue reading

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