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An Ironman Doesn’t Let Diabetes Define Him

Finding out he had diabetes on Christmas eve was certainly not the gift he was hoping to receive, but Stefano Ratto has never let his diagnosis define his will to succeed.   At 9 years old, this Lima, Peru native had … Continue reading

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Wilderness Travels with Type 1 Diabetes

Last year, we wrote about Kenya Whitehead, a 16-year old with type 1 diabetes who was raising money to go on a six month trek through the northern New England wilderness. Kenya, now 18, is home from the trip of a … Continue reading

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Marine Corps Marathon Runner Won’t Give Up

Finding out that he had diabetes was not the diagnosis Greg Dow was expecting to hear, but at the time, it was a relief to know what he had been suffering from for weeks. “In some ways it was a … Continue reading

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Exercise on a Molecular Level

We all know exercise is good for us. Running, biking, weight lifting, or yoga—moving our bodies makes us healthier. And research at Joslin is elucidating why. The lab of Laurie Goodyear, Ph.D. studies what exercise does to our bodies on … Continue reading

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Ask Joslin: Exercise Edition

Why will resistance training help me lose weight? Resistance training is a form of strength training where the muscles contract against a force.  The greater the force you are working against the more calories are expended and the more the … Continue reading

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A Top Priority, Any Time or Place

My name is Jay Smith, and I have been a patient at the Joslin Clinic since 2005. I just completed the first phase of  Why WAIT, a weight loss and intensive treatment program offered at the Joslin Clinic. During the … Continue reading

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Your Fall To-Do List: Tune Up Your Diabetes Care

Forget January—the early days of September are the time to focus on your goals and recommit to your health. The weather is getting cooler, the barometric pressure is thankfully rising and a certain crisp clarity has taken hold. The morning … Continue reading

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Calculate Your Weight Loss Goals

A new online weight loss calculator is getting some attention; it can tell you how long it will take to lose a specific amount of weight, how many calories you need to cut and/ or how much additional physical activity … Continue reading

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