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Back to Basics of Diabetes: A1C and blood glucose patterns

Great minds think alike—which means that people who are new to diabetes and the world of self management tend to come up with the same questions. So for those of you a bit too shy to inquire directly, here’s what … Continue reading

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Toasting the Holidays: Can Alcohol and Diabetes mix?

By Amanda Kirpitch, MA, RD, CDE, LDN The holiday season is in full swing! And with all the delicious food choices comes plenty of tempting alcoholic treats, as well. While we certainly don’t need alcohol to socialize, many enjoy having … Continue reading

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What Can You Eat When You Have Celiac Disease?

Both diabetes and celiac are chronic auto-immune diseases in which what you eat is a primary treatment. People with celiac disease must avoid foods containing gluten. There are many gluten-free alternatives, but those speciality foods are often higher in carbohydrates. This … Continue reading

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