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Type 1 Diabetes Research Round-up: What’s Happening at Joslin

  Type 1 diabetes is a complicated, complex disease. Conquering this multi-faceted condition requires people working from all angles. At Joslin Diabetes Center, researchers are up to the task. AUTOIMMUNITY In type 1 diabetes, the immune system mistakenly attacks the … Continue reading

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Susan Bonner-Weir, Ph.D., Becomes AAAS Fellow Member

Susan Bonner-Weir, Ph.D., studies beta cells—those cells in the pancreas responsible for secreting insulin. For over twenty-five years her research has specifically focused around these cells that are subject to autoimmune onslaught in type 1 diabetes as well as dysfunction … Continue reading

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Encapsulating Islets: Big Hope in Small Packages

Gordon Weir, M.D., Co-Head of the Section on Islet Cell and Regenerative Biology at Joslin Diabetes Center, has teamed up with MIT researchers Robert Langer, Ph.D., Institute Professor, and Daniel Anderson, Ph.D., Associate Professor, to move the type 1 diabetes … Continue reading

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What is Diabetes? The Difference Between Type 1 and Type 2

26 million people in America have it, in one type or another. 79 million have pre-type 2. But what exactly is Diabetes? There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings surrounding the disease, particularly when it comes to type 1 … Continue reading

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Back to Basics of Diabetes: Are Insulin Shots Avoidable?

Great minds think alike—which means that people who are new to diabetes and the world of self management tend to come up with the same questions. So for those of you a bit too shy to inquire directly, here’s what … Continue reading

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Retraining the Autoimmune System in Type 1 Diabetes

In the autoimmune attack behind type 1 diabetes, you can think of T cells as an improperly trained SWAT team that homes in on insulin-producing beta cells rather than pathogens. Research at Joslin seeks to sort out the diabolically complicated … Continue reading

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The Problem of Not Enough Beta Cells in Type 1 Diabetes

Here’s how it’s supposed to work: Sprinkled throughout the pancreas, tiny collections of beta cells generate the small amount of insulin needed each day, with their production exquisitely calibrated minute-by-minute with blood glucose levels. But in type 1 diabetes, an … Continue reading

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