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Ordering Your Exercise to Avoid Hypoglycemia?

People with type 1 diabetes have to be cautious when they exercise or do any kind of physical activity to avoid setting their blood glucose levels out of sorts. While exercise is a major factor in managing diabetes, people with … Continue reading

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Keep Up With Your Fitness Resolution

It’s cold and dank out; raining so hard that the water has seeped into the crevices in your new waterproof boots and left your toes curling against its bite every time you take a step.   Not really the type of … Continue reading

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Research Update: Exercise

Every day hundreds of research articles involving diabetes are published. Many will turn out to be inconsequential, a number will add incrementally to our body of knowledge of diabetes and a very few will catapult our understanding of some aspect … Continue reading

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A Little Goes a Long Way: Exercise and Diabetes

Don’t feel like getting off the couch? Two new studies have demonstrated the great benefits of mild or short duration exercise on decreasing the risk of diabetes and dispatching abdominal fat. It’s no great secret that many people in the … Continue reading

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Swimming: A Great Summer Exercise, With or Without Diabetes

Swimming in the summer is a great way to get the exercise you need, spare your joints and enjoy the simple pleasure of being active in the water. While in New Englandwe are held captive in chlorinated indoor pools most … Continue reading

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May is “Exercise is Medicine” Month!

You’ve heard that when you have diabetes, keeping active is a huge part of your treatment. But do you know why? Exercise increases glucose uptake and helps your body use the glucose better for between 24 and 48 hours after … Continue reading

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Prep for Greatness: Nutrition for Physical Training

Whether you will be pounding the pavement up Heartbreak Hill this Monday or know an iron man competition is in your future, you need to think about how to best nourish your body. To ensure you have the energy and … Continue reading

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Yoga and Diabetes: Relax and Get Fit

Yoga’s trendy: you can tell because Groupon has started offering great deals on a regular basis. But should people with diabetes ride its popularity wave? Despite its recent upswing in followers, yoga has been helping people improve strength, balance and … Continue reading

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Interval Training | high/low intensity produces exercise benefits for people with diabetes

One of the biggest things in exercise right now is interval training. And a number of studies have shown that it can be more effective than steady-pace aerobic exercise for getting you in shape. Besides increasing your endurance and stamina, … Continue reading

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Exercising with Diabetes Complications

So you have had diabetes for a long time and have developed complications.  You may think you are off the hook for engaging in physical activity, but our resident manger of exercise physiology, Jackie Shahar, disagrees. In Joslin’s Easy Start … Continue reading

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