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Finding Secrets of Youth in the Blood

For years, biologists have known that infusing aged lab mice with the blood of young mice can reverse some aspects of aging in the older mice, and they have steadily worked to understand the mechanisms that drive this process. Joslin … Continue reading

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A State of Mind: Maintaining Weight Loss While Handling Setbacks

You have started a weight loss plan and you are optimistic and confident. You have a goal to lose 10 pounds by the beginning of summer. You know losing that 10 pounds will help you control your blood glucose. You … Continue reading

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Defenseman Nick Boynton Manages his Diabetes On and Off the Ice

During his 13-year successful hockey career in the National Hockey League (NHL), skilled defenseman Nick Boynton spent six of those years playing for the Boston Bruins and boasts many career highlights. Boynton’s achievements include competing on the 2002 NHL All-Rookie … Continue reading

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Understanding Pre-Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes can be controlled, but at present it can’t be cured. That isn’t quite true of pre-diabetes. Although pre-diabetes isn’t an acute condition, it can, like many acute conditions, be handled with proper treatment. Although pre-diabetes can’t be … Continue reading

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An Actress Uses the Stage to Raise Money for Diabetes

Elle Shaheen was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at just eight years old.  Similar to others with diabetes, Shaheen’s diagnosis came unexpectedly and with added difficulty because of her young age.  However, as a determined spirit Shaheen refused to let … Continue reading

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13-Year-Old Creates VitalPak, a Medical Backpack

In March 2010, Kyle Houlihan of Franklin, Wis., became sick with what doctors originally thought was strep throat or a virus. He then began showing signs of type 1 diabetes, including frequent urination, fatigue and constant thirst. Doctors found that … Continue reading

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Get to Know Your Meds: Questions to Ask at Your Next Appointment

When you have type 2 diabetes it is likely that you will be taking a variety of medication-perhaps up to four for your diabetes and then a couple more for your blood pressure and another one or two for your … Continue reading

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Thin and Type 2: Non-Obese Risk Factors for Developing Diabetes

Emily got quite a surprise when she went for her annual physical exam. The lab tests taken showed that her blood glucose readings were in the range of someone with type 2 diabetes. Since Emily did not fit the usual … Continue reading

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Field of Dreams Wiffleball Tournament Raises Funds and Hope

In August of 2008, Superintendent Paul Fitzgerald (Chief of the Bureau of Intelligence and Analysis for the Boston Police department) and his wife Leigh Anne faced the news that their daughter, Caroline, then 8-years old, had type 1 diabetes. She … Continue reading

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Ask Joslin: Eating With Hyperglycemia

Q: What foods are the best options during times of high blood sugar when it’s necessary to eat? If you have a high blood sugar during meal time and you use matching insulin to carbohydrate as your method of dosing … Continue reading

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