For Her Work on Medicare CGM Coverage, the American Bar Association Honors Debra Parrish, JD

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Debra Parrish, JD

Debra Parrish, JD, founder of the Parrish Law Offices in Pittsburgh, PA, is the 2017 recipient of the American Bar Association Pro Bono Publico Award for helping to secure access to medical treatments and technologies for Medicare beneficiaries.

About four years ago, Debra Marie Pistorino Parrish of the Parrish Law Firm in Pittsburgh, PA, was put in touch with a Medicare beneficiary and Joslin patient, whose Type 1 diabetes was so profound that she was on disability.

Her Joslin doctor, Richard Beaser, MD, had prescribed a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to enable her to control her diabetes, but Medicare had denied coverage stating the device was simply precautionary.

This problem had long plagued CGM users who were denied or cut off from CGM at age 65.

Debra Parrish took the pro bono case, advised by Dr. Beaser, and won the right of all Medicare beneficiaries to coverage for CGM.

On June 6, the American Bar Association came to Joslin to film a tribute to Debra Parrish for her work. Watch it here.

5 Responses to For Her Work on Medicare CGM Coverage, the American Bar Association Honors Debra Parrish, JD

  1. Linda parlato says:

    Attorney Parrish…you ROCK

  2. Deidre Waxman says:

    We are very happy about this but can you please share with this Attorney that the job is only half done. Medicare patients are currently denied the full se of the CGM. Unlike younger patients we must sigh under penalty of criminal behavior that we will not use the Dexcom G5 phone and share app. This leaves elders not able to share life saving data with partners and family members. This is foolish and dangerous and must be amended. Please do not think that seniors have won the full right to the use of this important and life saving technology. We are still working on it and could certainly use your help.

  3. Leanne Maskell says:

    Thank you so much for your hard work in helping get CGM coverage from Medicare! I was the first patient at Virginia Mason Endocrinology in Seattle that received Medicare coverage for my CGM.

  4. Michael Jones says:

    Thank you so much for your work. I have a level II appeal that I have been waiting 9 mos. for an answer and they still haven’t made a determination. I started a Facebook group seniors with sensors that now has over 300 members. Your name comes up!

  5. Helen Brockmeier says:

    CGMs are a necessity, not experimental. Thank you so much. As a 50yrs T1, 75 year old Medicare is my lifeline . It is not complete without CGMs. THANK YOU!

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