Stay on Track This July Fourth Weekend!

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This article was originally posted on July 1, 2015.

A Barbecue Nutritional Breakdown

fireworksManaging a healthy diet for your diabetes is important—but sometimes at parties and family gatherings, it’s fun to just go with the flow. So here’s a slideshow full of the nutrition information for a traditional Fourth of July menu.  You can pick and choose the foods that will best match your meal plan. Enjoy the day!

*Nutritional information may vary depending on brand, preparation and toppings*

Grill Healthy! Tips for Barbecuing Diabetes-Friendly Foods

It’s beginning to look a lot like barbeque season. The sun is shining, the air is warm and the days are long. Time to haul out the charcoal or make sure you have extra propane for your gas grill.

Trouble is, most traditional American barbeque foods are loaded with high glycemic index fat laden carbs and red meats. But BBQ doesn’t have to be hamburgers, hot dogs and mayonnaise drenched potato and pasta salads. Summer can be a great time to try some wonderful vegetable and grain salads as well as BBQ fish and shellfish. Continue reading–>

Enjoy the Fourth with These Recipes from Joslin Cookbooks!

This Fourth of July, fire up the grill and cook up some healthy, diabetes-friendly, cookout ready grub to enjoy with all your family and friends!

Try out these easy, tasty summer-inspired recipes from the Joslin cookbooks for your celebration. Continue reading –>

Do you need help managing your diet? Learn more about the Joslin Nutrition Programs.

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