How to Lower Cholesterol

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All throughout  the month of February, the Joslin Blog is highlighting stories about your heart health and diabetes. Be sure to check in each week for updates from Joslin’s clinicians and researchers on how they are working to help detect and treat heart disease.

ganda 4 

Om Ganda, M.D., Director of the Lipid Clinic at Joslin Diabetes Center, shares advice on ways to lower your cholesterol to help keep your heart healthy.

For more information on managing cardiovascular disease and diabetes, visit Joslin’s Lipid Clinic.

3 Responses to How to Lower Cholesterol

  1. Robert Shapiro says:

    Would u please write a blog on how to raise HDL? Thank you.

  2. Cheryl Boone says:

    How about a transcript? Many of us still prefer to read, and can read *much* faster than the time it takes to watch a video.
    And plenty of us just have the time or patience for a video.
    (I am just diagnosed and looking for answers everywhere, but preferably verbal, in print or on-screen.)

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