Diabetes Friendly Christmas Recipes

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 This story was originally posted on Dec. 20, 2010.

As Christmas approaches, you may find yourself with a sweet tooth resurgence. It’s a lot easier to pass on cakes and cookies during the other eleven months of the year, but come December, cookies and candy are seemingly everywhere. So what’s someone with diabetes to do? You might want to try getting busy in the kitchen with this diabetes-friendly and festive dessert and you can have your cake and eat it too!
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This low-carb chocolate cake is just as rich and delicious as any traditional recipe!

For more great recipes, check out Joslin’s collection of cookbooks.
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2 Responses to Diabetes Friendly Christmas Recipes

  1. Mary Dexter says:

    A “recipe” that doesn’t include any amounts of the ingredients is useless.

  2. lkf says:

    The videos you post are not accessable by those of us without high speed internet. Please write out the stories as well.

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