Crowd-Sourced Tips for a Happy Thanksgiving!

This story was originally posted on November 28, 2013.

We asked people via the Joslin Facebook page to share their favorite physical activities and diabetes management tips for Thanksgiving. Throughout the week we received numerous comments that outlined a variety of ways to help manage your diabetes during the holidays.

Below is a selection of some helpful tips to navigate Thanksgiving Day:

Include physical activity into your Thanksgiving celebration: Many people commented that they try to balance out a day centered on eating by integrating exercise into their celebrations. Whether you are playing hockey, dancing or taking a walk after the meal, including physical activity is an effective way to offset the focus on food.

  • Taking a nice walk between courses or after dinner sure helps – Debra H.
  • Since I’m cooking this year, I’m doing what I always do when I cook: get down! Dancing leads to thirst, thirst leads to more water consumption, more water consumption leads to less eating. – Charita J.
  • I’ve always played ice hockey, and for the past few years I’ve skated early on thanksgiving morning. It seems to help me at the end of the day to keep my levels more stable – Chris D.

Everything in moderation: A big part of celebrating Thanksgiving is enjoying a large meal, but this also means that there are plenty of unhealthy foods available. One way to enjoy the meal while safely managing your diabetes is to use portion control. By having smaller servings, you are still able to enjoy your favorite holiday foods without consuming too many unhealthy foods.

  • Portion control and moderation is my plan! Hasn’t failed me yet – Deanie F.
  • Test like crazy and and extra insulin, if necessary! Stay well hydrated, too! – Rose K.
  • Well, I used to eat a cocktail of small pieces of fresh fruits before indulging in a big meal , so that I feel full and be satisfied with a small cut of turkey. – Ali A.
  • Fat free chocolate sugar free cook & serve pudding pie, make it for my son on the holidays. Joyce O.

And, of course, tempting as it may be,

  • Don’t eat the entire turkey in 1 sitting. – Keith J.

The social aspect of Thanksgiving: Enjoying time with family and friends is another great way to partake in holiday festivities without solely concentrating on the eating.

  • Be thankful for our amazing team in Joslin Pediatrics, and focus on blessings rather than diabetes! The food is good and fresh so we count our carbs, cover with insulin and keep focusing on fun and family. – Regina H.
  • I try to focus more on the social part than the food. Eat small portions and only one small piece of dessert – Anne S.

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