New Novel Sheds Light on Life with Diabetes

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Blank book cover over white backgroundIn his lifetime, Ron Barak has competed as an Olympic athlete, received a law degree, built his career as an experienced trial lawyer and judge, and most recently became a novelist. When he was diagnosed with diabetes thirty years ago, he refused to let it slow him down and continues to live his life to the fullest.

Aside from his many professional and personal triumphs, Ron also works hard to manage his diabetes. He uses an insulin pump to help control his blood glucose and checks his blood glucose levels on a consistent and disciplined basis.

In Ron’s newest novel, 28: The Missing Amendment, he illustrates this very principle through one of his main characters, an 11 year-old with type 1 diabetes named Cassie. Cassie is a confident and self-assured aspiring professional golfer who does not let diabetes slow her down.

“I wanted my readers, both those with diabetes and without, to see that responsible diabetics do not need to lead a life any differently than those who do not have diabetes,” said Ron. “Cassie became a nice way to illustrate that in a hopefully entertaining manner.”

28: The Missing Amendment is a political thriller where Cassie is kidnapped by people trying to control the swing vote of her grandfather, a Supreme Court justice, in a case with great constitutional importance.

Ann Peters, M.D., Professor of Medicine and Director of USC Westside Center for Diabetes notes, “Ron has merged the worlds of political and legal intrigue and diabetes reality with the same precision skill, sensitivity, and enthusiasm he demonstrates every day in managing his own real world diabetes.”

Throughout the story, Cassie is portrayed as a determined young girl who manages her diabetes while being secluded from her family. Despite her situation, Cassie does not stop caring for herself and continues to pursue her dream of one day becoming “not the best diabetic golfer, but the best golfer, period.”

“I want young people with diabetes everywhere to know that they can have all that life has to offer, so long as they take care of their health, which Cassie demonstrates is not all that difficult to do,” said Ron. “There are hundreds and thousands of real world kids like Cassie achieving great things every day.”

To support the nearly 30 million people with diabetes in the U. S., Ron and his wife plan to donate 50 percent of the book’s proceeds to diabetes research. Joslin Diabetes Center is one of four diabetes charities to whom Ron will be donating.

“We all know diabetes can have dire consequences. Millions of diabetics in the U.S. today are undiagnosed. However, with early detection and treatment, that doesn’t have to be the case today. What a nice thing if Cassie is able to help raise the level of that awareness,” he said.

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  1. Reese Baker says:

    The biggest hurdle many will face and the hardest fight is that of the financial ramifications of getting ill in the United States. Even those lucky enough to have adequate insurance will still be forced to pay a large amount out of pocket with deductibles and co-pays or have to fight tooth and nail to get the insurance company to cover the expense in the first place.
    The last thing you should have to face is a massive medical bill that will keep you up at night with worry and stress. Bankruptcy for those who face this burden can be an absolute God Send and can allow them to regain the dignity they had without having to fight incessantly with creditors day and night.

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