Marathoners Running for a Cure

Running 26.2 miles around the windy city is no easy feat, but eight members of Team Joslin are determined to finish the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on October 11.

All eight are passionate about Joslin Diabetes Center’s vision for a world free of diabetes and its complications and are dedicated to raising funds for Joslin and our mission of preventing, treating and curing diabetes. Meet the team:

Rich and Jim Kerouac

RichandJim KerouacRich and Jim – a father and son team – understand the complications that can arise when diabetes is not managed properly. Rich’s father and Jim’s grandfather died at the young age of 63 from a diabetes-related heart attack. On that day, Rich vowed to never fall prey to type 2 diabetes. However, 20 years later, Rich heard the words he hoped he never would: “you have diabetes.” Rich completely changed his lifestyle and underwent gastric bypass surgery to help bring his blood glucose levels back into range. Post-surgery, Rich began to run and has since completed 33 races. “I will always be a diabetic, but I am in control of my life and health.” Watching his father change his lifestyle, Jim has decided to more active and join his father in running. The Bank of America Chicago Marathon will be Jim’s first marathon. Read more about Rich and Jim’s story by clicking here and here.

Kirstin and Brendan McEachern

MacEachernKirstin and Brendan are running as part of Team Joslin for two very special people. Kirstin’s dad was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was a teenager and received his care from Joslin in those early years. Their son, Owen, also has type 1 diabetes and was diagnosed when he was nine years-old. Kirstin and Brendan are hoping for a cure. “There have been many technological advances, for which we are grateful, but we need more than just help with managing the disease. We need to cure it.” Read more about Kirstin and Brendan’s story here.

Stephanie Dubay

DubayStephanie has a passion for running and enjoys using that passion to fundraise for an organization that means a lot to her, and her family and friends. With diabetes affecting 29 million people, it touches almost everyone. Stephanie is no exception; she sees its impact on several family members and friends who are living with and managing their diabetes. Stephanie is honored to run as part of Team Joslin and eager to run in her second marathon. To learn more about Stephanie’s story, click here.

Balz and Simone Frei

FreiBalz and Simone are passionate about healthy living and the role of diet, lifestyle, and micronutrients in promoting optimal health and preventing chronic disease. Both Balz and Simone work at the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University. At the institute, Balz and Simone work to help people everywhere add years of health and vitality to their lives and reduce the suffering of various diseases, including type 2 diabetes. They strive to be positive role models and are excited to be running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon for Joslin Diabetes Center. Read more about their story here.

Edvina Mirkovic

EdvinaEdvina is a part of the Joslin family and has previously worked with the Joslin Institute for Technology Translation over the past two years. She witnessed firsthand the great work being done at Joslin. “I have seen how dedicated the staff is in ensuring that people with diabetes live a long and healthy life.” Edvina is running as part of Team Joslin for her grandmother and the millions of others living with this disease. Edvina is passionate about Joslin’s mission and is eager to participate in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Read more about her story here.

Together, the eight members of Team Joslin running the Chicago Marathon have raised nearly $10,000 for Joslin to help advance Joslin’s mission to prevent, treat, and cure diabetes.

For information on Team Joslin, please contact Martha Andrews at 617-309-2534 or

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