Racing Towards a Cure

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The August humidity and rolling hills of Cape Cod never intimidate Team Joslin. Every year, about 15-20 runners from Team Joslin participate in the New Balance Falmouth Road Race to raise money for Joslin Diabetes Center. Since 2008, Joslin runners have raised over $175,000 for the High Hopes Fund, which supports Joslin’s mission of treating and curing diabetes.

This year there are 15 runners preparing for the seven-mile road race in Falmouth on Sunday, August 16.  Here are some of their compelling stories:

Jen Gorski

Gorski PicJen is running the New Balance Falmouth Road Race for three special people in her life. The first is her daughter, Mya. A year ago, when she was four years old, Mya was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  The diagnosis has been life changing for her entire family, but Mya’s positive outlook helps everyone around her. Jen is also running for her Uncle Brian, who has had type 1 diabetes for over 30 years and has been incredibly helpful to Jen, as she navigates this diagnosis and disease with Mya. Lastly, Jen is running for her sister-in-law’s husband, Dave, who recently passed away after a terrible car accident that happened when his blood sugar was too low. Read more about Jen’s inspiring story and support her fundraising efforts here.

Brian Collatos

Brian 3.1For the past four years, Brian Collatos has run the New Balance Road Race as a part of Team Joslin. Brian was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 22 years ago and has been a patient at Joslin ever since. Brian’s passion and dedication is inspiring; not only has he individually fundraised for Joslin Diabetes Center, but he has enlisted several friends to join him in his training and fundraising efforts. This year, Brian recruited Andrew Getchell and Bill Horrigan. Brian notes how instrumental Joslin Diabetes Center has been in his care for the past 22 years. “Without their amazing care and tireless effort to improve the lives of those with diabetes, many of us would not be where we are today.” Learn more about Brian and his friends and support their fundraising efforts here.

Jeanne Monaghan

Jeanne PicAs a patient at Joslin, Jeanne Monaghan knows the difficulties of living with type 2 diabetes firsthand. “It’s not always easy to exercise with a chronic disease like diabetes. Managing blood sugar levels and proper nutrition with exercise can be challenging; however, enlisting the guidance of both my endocrinologist and sports nutritionist at Joslin Diabetes Center, I’ve been successful in integrating the two.” Read more about how Jeanne manages her diabetes and support her fundraising efforts here.

Julie McCarthy

Flag Day Race with DadThis is Julie’s second time running the New Balance Falmouth Road Race on Team Joslin. Julie runs for her father who has struggled with the complications of type 2 diabetes for the past 30 years. “This is why I strongly support the mission of the Joslin Diabetes Center-to improve the lives of people with diabetes through innovative care, education and research that will lead to prevention and a cure.” To read more about Julie and support her fundraising efforts, click here.

Joslin’s New Balance Falmouth Road Race Team is filled with generous and passionate individuals. To read more about Team Joslin members and to support their fundraising efforts, visit their FirstGiving page here.

For information on Team Joslin and other races we participate in, please contact Martha Andrews at 617-309-2534 or

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