#GivingTuesday at Joslin Diabetes Center

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“As the CEO and President, I ensure that the innovative efforts and ‘can do’ commitment of our world class team will have a profound impact on all of our patients and the 400 million people globally who need our help!”

–John Brooks, President and CEO of Joslin Diabetes Center


“My lab develops new treatments to prevent blindness, kidney and heart diseases in diabetic patients”

–George King, M.D., Chief Scientific Officer at Joslin Diabetes Center, and members of his lab


“As Chief Academic Officer, I help train scientists from all over the world to conduct research that will improve treatment for diabetes, and one day find a prevention or cure!”
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–C. Ronald Kahn, M.D., Chief Academic Officer at Joslin Diabetes Center with some Joslin Fellows

IMG_2701-MOTION“We make sure our clinicians, patients and researchers have access to all the information and technology they need to treat and find a cure for diabetes”
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–Alicia¬†Peters-Torrey, Chief Information Officer at Joslin Diabetes Center with the Joslin Information Technology Department

Be sure to check out our Facebook page to see other departments of Joslin explaining how they help further Joslin’s mission and vision!

You can contribute too, by visiting Joslin’s #GivingTuesday donation page!

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