Elena Toschi, M.D. Joins the Adult Diabetes Clinic to Focus on Type 1 Patients

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toschi_lab coat2Get to know Elena Toschi, M.D., Staff Physician in the Section of Adult Diabetes, who works with patients with type 1 diabetes in the clinic.
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Let’s discuss your background – how did you become interested in diabetes care?

I have been interested in diabetes ever since I was in medical school. I like medicine as whole, but I could not pick a specialty that focused on one organ versus another. Diabetes affects the whole body: from the tip of your toes to the top of your head.  My interest has been to understand the different mechanisms that can alter glucose metabolism and energy balance.  Immediately after graduating from medical school in Italy, I worked in a metabolic unit where I participated in clinical research in the field of metabolic and vascular actions of insulin. From there I moved to Joslin and I worked as a post-doc in Dr. Bonner-Weir’s lab on replication and regeneration of pancreatic beta cells. Continue reading –>

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