14 from ’14: The Best of This Year from Speaking of Diabetes, Part 1

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Throughout 2014 we’ve brought you stories about everything from a calorie-burning fat, to how to deal with diabetes stress, to inspirational athletes with diabetes. Revisit some of our highlights in this two-part list of our 14 best stories from 2014.

1. A Brown Fat Story

brownfat2_smaller What if you could burn off pounds by just chilling out? A certain type of fat may, in effect, let you do just that. Researchers at Joslin Diabetes Center and elsewhere have been looking into these types of cells that activate in the cold, called brown fat, since the discovery of its activity in human adults in 2009. Continue reading –>

2. Q&A With Katharine Gordon: TSA Diabetes Policy

tsa_banner Getting through airport security with diabetes can be a pain. Katharine Gordon, Director of the Legal Advocate Program at the American Diabetes Association, works with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to make it a little easier, safer, and more pleasant for all involved. Continue reading –>

11. Ask Joslin: Inhalable Insulin, Your Questions Answered

Injecting insulin in the break room, at a restaurant, or at a dinner party can be difficult. Some people are embarrassed by having to dose in public. Others experience a blood sugar spike while they’re waiting for their insulin to kick in. Now, there may be a new way. This June, the FDA approved an inhalable insulin known as Afrezza. Continue reading –>

4. How to Help a Teen with Diabetes Burnout

Stress Growing up with type 1 diabetes adds an extra burden of responsibility to an already overwhelmed teen. In many cases, these teens have had to deal with insulin injections, carb counting, and the fear of overnight lows for years. It’s very likely that at some point, they’ll just want to quit. Continue reading –>

5. Making Beta Cells

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A skin cell by any other name would be as fleshy—or so you might think. But a new technique developed over the last decade can take skin cells, or any other cells of the body, and make them into something new. This process, being probed by the lab of Rohit Kulkarni, M.D., Ph.D., Senior Investigator in the Section on Islet Cell and Regenerative Biology at Joslin Diabetes Center, holds promise for the damaged pancreas of people with diabetes. Continue reading –>

6. Thin and Type 2: Non-Obese Risk Factors for Developing Diabetes

meter (1) There can be a number of factors that come into play when a thin person develops type 2 diabetes. Genetics play a significant role in determining disease onset. A strong family history coupled with a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits can tip the scales in the wrong direction. So too can a previous diagnosis of gestational diabetes or the birth of a baby greater than nine pounds. Continue reading–>

7. Building the College Diabetes Network One Chapter at a Time

christina-roth_banner Making the transition from high school to college is not an easy process, but if you have diabetes, this transition includes a whole other set of challenges. “College is the perfect storm of everything [happening all at once],” said Christina Roth, CEO and founder of the College Diabetes Network. “For most people, it’s the first time they are managing their diabetes on their own. There is very little control, whether its control over their personal routine day-to-day or just their life in general.” Continue reading–>
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Visit us on New Year’s Eve for part 2!

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