National Diabetes Month Wrap-Up

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joslinblueFrom groundbreaking research to incredible innovations, tasty events to worldwide celebrations, Joslin Diabetes Center has had a busy and wonderful November celebrating National Diabetes Month.

Dr. Ronald Khan and Dr. Suzanne Devkota of Joslin Diabetes Center kicked off NDM with an explanation of the fascinating field of microbiome research and its exciting implications. They hope that by continuing to discover how diet manipulates our gut bacteria, we will be able to provide better diabetes care and control the microbiome to improve our overall health.
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Joslin’s “Virtual Visit Program” is an online program that allows Joslin patients to make virtual appointments with their diabetes teams so they can check in from anywhere around the globe.  After downloading the Virtual Visit Program software, patients make an online appointment as they would for an in-person appointment. At the time of their check-up, patients sign on and wait until their clinician picks up their video call. This way, patients and providers can engage in conversation as if in person. The program is just one of many Joslin innovations that strive to make diabetes management more flexible and personalized.
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Joslin’s celebration of World Diabetes Day was acknowledged far beyond Joslin’s walls. On November 14th, Joslin employees wore blue to work and assembled with blue glow sticks for a photograph, which symbolized their unity under Joslin’s mission to find a cure for diabetes. Pictures emerged from Joslin employees in New York and all the way in Frankfurt. The images of people representing their mission to find a cure made for a powerful and hopeful World Diabetes Day.

The enormous success of Joslin’s annual High Hopes Gala wrapped up National Diabetes Month. NBC’s Meteorologist Dylan Dreyer emceed the elegant and powerful evening, for which American Idol’s Semi Finalist Erika Van Pelt and the Sultans of Swing provided a magnificent soundtrack. Teen Kelley Connelly was awarded the Merritt Levitan Youth Ambassador Award for her magnificent support of other children with diabetes.
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And remember, even though National Diabetes Month is coming to a close, every month is Diabetes Month here at Joslin Diabetes Center. At Joslin, the fight against diabetes continues all year long as we strive to fulfill our mission of preventing, treating and curing diabetes. We hope that all of YOU will join us in our mission so that one day we can create our vision of a world free of diabetes and its complications.

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