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Jeweler Honors Her Father and Joslin with Father’s Day Sale

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate dads and to thank them for all they do for us. For Holly Daniels Christensen, the day is a way to honor her father who passed away from complications of type 1 diabetes … Continue reading

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Does a nutrient found in beets reduce diabetes risk?

Description: In this clinical research study we are evaluating whether supplementation of a naturally occurring component found in beets and other vegetables and grains reduces diabetes risk. The product we are studying is a modified amino acid that is important … Continue reading

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¿Puede un nutriente presente en la remolacha reducir el riesgo de diabetes?

Descripción: En este estudio de investigación clínica, estamos evaluando si la suplementación de un componente natural presente en la remolacha y en otras verduras y cereales, puede reducir el riesgo de diabetes. El producto que estamos estudiando es un aminoácido … Continue reading

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Guest Blog Post: Paleo and Type 1 Diabetes

Guest post by Lindsay Swanson. This Guest Post includes information that does not conform to the Joslin nutritional guidelines. We have received a number of inquiries about the Paleo diet, and requests for examples of people who follow this diet, … Continue reading

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Have Computer, Will Visit: Joslin’s Virtual Appointment Program Kicks Off

Do you have a hectic work schedule? Are you traveling across the country for college? A new program of virtual visits at Joslin Diabetes Center seeks to close these gaps and make diabetes as manageable as possible for patients regardless … Continue reading

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Finding Secrets of Youth in the Blood

For years, biologists have known that infusing aged lab mice with the blood of young mice can reverse some aspects of aging in the older mice, and they have steadily worked to understand the mechanisms that drive this process. Joslin … Continue reading

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A State of Mind: Maintaining Weight Loss While Handling Setbacks

You have started a weight loss plan and you are optimistic and confident. You have a goal to lose 10 pounds by the beginning of summer. You know losing that 10 pounds will help you control your blood glucose. You … Continue reading

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Defenseman Nick Boynton Manages his Diabetes On and Off the Ice

During his 13-year successful hockey career in the National Hockey League (NHL), skilled defenseman Nick Boynton spent six of those years playing for the Boston Bruins and boasts many career highlights. Boynton’s achievements include competing on the 2002 NHL All-Rookie … Continue reading

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Understanding Pre-Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes can be controlled, but at present it can’t be cured. That isn’t quite true of pre-diabetes. Although pre-diabetes isn’t an acute condition, it can, like many acute conditions, be handled with proper treatment. Although pre-diabetes can’t be … Continue reading

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An Actress Uses the Stage to Raise Money for Diabetes

Elle Shaheen was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at just eight years old.  Similar to others with diabetes, Shaheen’s diagnosis came unexpectedly and with added difficulty because of her young age.  However, as a determined spirit Shaheen refused to let … Continue reading

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