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Ask Joslin: Type 1 Diagnosis, No Family History

Why did my child get type 1 diabetes when there is no family history of it? You are not alone.  In fact, having someone in your family who has type 1 diabetes when you are diagnosed is the exception, rather … Continue reading

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Taking It Slow: Crock Pots for Dinner

Slow cookers (also known as crock pots) are popular again. And no wonder—who wouldn’t want to start dinner cooking before breakfast and come home to a fully made meal? These cookers take advantage of the flavor-generating effect of braising, while … Continue reading

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Making Beta Cells

A skin cell by any other name would be as fleshy—or so you might think. But a new technique developed over the last decade can take skin cells, or any other cells of the body, and make them into something … Continue reading

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