Ask Joslin: Eating With Hyperglycemia

Q: What foods are the best options during times of high blood sugar when it’s necessary to eat?

If you have a high blood sugar during meal time and you use matching insulin to carbohydrate as your method of dosing insulin,, you should be able to use your correction factor to cover the high blood sugar and then give the appropriate dose of insulin for the meal. However, sometimes factors other than the amount of carbohydrate in the meal can interfere with getting a good result.

For example, the meal could be high in fat, causing your blood sugar to go higher later, or maybe the location of your pump site doesn’t have the best absorbency. Work with your doctor and educator to adjust your correction factor to make it as close to perfect as possible, which will allow you to be more flexible in food options when your blood sugar is high. In the meantime when there’s high blood sugar during meal times, stick to food options that are as lower in carbohydrate.

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