A Spoonful of Ginger Marks a Milestone with its 10th Anniversary and Honors Dr. George King

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The Asian American Diabetes Initiative (AADI) team at Joslin Diabetes Center.

In 2000, George King, M.D., Senior Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer at Joslin, and his wife Diana co-founded the Asian American Diabetes Initiative (AADI) with four other families, including Sally and Larry Ho, Evelyn and Larry Wing, Jean and Gene Chin, and Eugene and Lai Wong, at Joslin Diabetes Center in response to the rising rates of diabetes within the Asian American population. Fast-forward to 14 years later and Dr. King will be honored for his many years of leadership and dedication at the 10th anniversary of A Spoonful of Ginger, the AADI’s annual event to promote awareness and raise funds for their diabetes care, education, community outreach and research programs.

“I am flattered that the AADI chose to honor me at Ginger, but the work is really done by multiple people,” said Dr. King. “It has been an exciting and rewarding 14 years.”

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