National Diabetes Month Wrap-Up

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National Diabetes Month has come to a close. Catch up with all the Joslin content from this past month!

For the past four weeks here at Joslin Diabetes Center, we have celebrated National Diabetes Month (NDM). We’ve talked about the state of diabetes in the world today and the global turn it has taken, we have given tips on what everyone should try to do during NDM, we’ve compiled the risk factors of type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and much more.

Here at Joslin we are dedicated to keeping the public informed on everything to do with diabetes.  This month, we ramped up our social media platforms by sharing with you some important pieces of #JoslinNews from the past year, shared polls and quizzes on Facebook, asked you to share your dream diabetes devices on Instagram, and created a Pinterest board to keep you in the loop.

For World Diabetes Day, the Massachusetts State House hosted Changing Diabetes Day, which featured remarks from Representative Steve Walsh, T1D Exchange, Novo Nordisk and more on raising awareness about diabetes.

Additionally on World Diabetes Day, we joined TEDMED for a #GreatChallenges discussion on managing diabetes. The talk generated a great amount of online feedback and virtually brought diabetes professionals from all over the U.S. together to discuss diabetes management. If you missed the talk, you can view it on YouTube here.

Diwali, the five-day Hindu holiday fell inside of NDM, and we were able to share healthy ways to celebrate the holiday while continuing with tradition. We were even able to celebrate an afternoon of Diwali here at Joslin with dancing, food, and colleagues.

Hanukkah fell at the end of NDM this year and we’ve shared some recipes along with helpful tips to celebrate the holiday.

Each Wednesday of the month we profiled an inspirational person with diabetes. Stefano Ratto, a 21-year-old, competed in the Ironman World Championships this past October. Kenya Whitehead trekked across the northern winter wilderness. Bill Pittman and James  McGough, both 75-year medalists, shared stories with us and gave us some insight to their success with diabetes. These people haven’t let their diabetes slow them down the least bit, and their inspiring stories have touched hundreds of lives.

Other than sharing stories, news, and resources, we wanted to hear from you. During NDM, we kicked off Feedback Fridays on Facebook. Feedback Fridays have given you the chance to tell us what you want to read and learn more about. We’ve taken all of your comments and messages and now we’re working on different articles and podcasts to answer those questions.  And Feedback Friday will continue after November ends.

National Diabetes Month has been busy and productive for us here at Joslin Diabetes Center, and we hope that it has been informative and encouraging for everyone that followed us throughout the month. We hope you’ll come back and join us for the launch of the Transitional Research Center for the Cure here at Joslin. We’ve prepared audio, video and written content all about the new center for the month of January, and we’re excited to share this new aspect of Joslin with all of you.

2 Responses to National Diabetes Month Wrap-Up

  1. Vivaresa says:

    Keep up the good work. It seems like you’ll have plenty more considering the amount of sugar in everything and the current state of medical care.

  2. Richard Vaughn says:

    I am so pleased to see all that the Joslin does for diabetics all over the world. As a medalist and participant in the Medalist Study, I am pleased to be associated with the Joslin Diabetes Center. Thanks so much for the Facebook medalist group page!

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