Joslin Launches Interactive Healthy Plate

Joslin Diabetes Center’s Healthy Plate, which launched on September 25, is an online interactive meal planning tool that helps people with diabetes understand the carb, fat and protein content of each meal. Healthy Plate is the newest addition to the education tools offered by Joslin. A similar setup to USDA My Plate, Healthy Plate is both easily accessible and enjoyable to use. This tool allows people with diabetes to exert control over their eating plan while planning their meals.

“Ideally, everyone with diabetes should meet with a dietitian for their own individualized meal plan, but in the event that a person doesn’t have that opportunity or perhaps has to wait to meet with a dietitian, this tool can provide some guidance around eating with diabetes,” said Amy Campbell M.S., R.D., L.D.N., C.D.E., and educator who helped to develop the Healthy Plate.

She continued “I hope this tool enables [people with diabetes] to practice using their meal plan and create various breakfast, lunch and dinner meals and snacks based on their individual preferences and lifestyles.”

Healthy Plate is not just for people with diabetes; eating a healthy, balanced meal is encouraged for everyone.

“With the healthcare environment changing and the ever-growing use and reliance on technology, Joslin is perfectly positioned to provide a simple yet effective online tool to help people with diabetes,” said Campbell.

This task of creating Healthy Plate was not an easy one – it took some time to perfect the plan, design and creation of the tool.

“It actually requires a lot of back and forth with developers to create the look and feel of the tool, but also to embed the necessary backend calculations (calories, nutrient percentages, etc.) for everything to come together and work as it should,” she explained.

Campbell hopes that Healthy Plate will make the process easier for people with diabetes.

“One of the biggest challenges around meal planning is the fear that a meal plan will be too hard to follow or that it will cut out all of your favorite foods or not be enough food,” said Campbell.  “Joslin’s Healthy Plate can help dispel some of these myths and put the patient at ease somewhat with managing their food choices.”

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