Dr. C. Ronald Kahn Honored at Joslin International Symposium on Diabetes

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Dr. C. Ronald Kahn – the chief academic officer at Joslin Diabetes Center and Mary K. Iacocca professor of medicine at the Harvard Medical School – is perhaps the world’s most widely recognized researcher in the field of diabetes. His work is central to some of  the most crucial breakthroughs in our understanding of the underlying mechanisms of diabetes.  

During the 2013 Joslin International Symposium on Diabetes, from Oct. 31 to Nov. 2, researchers from around the world – including many of Dr. Kahn’s students and fellows – traveled to Boston to talk about their own research and to honor the man who has made such tremendous contributions to the fight against diabetes.  We spoke to Dr. Kahn about his career, his discoveries, and what he sees as the future of diabetes research.

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