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Dr. C. Ronald Kahn Honored at Joslin International Symposium on Diabetes

Dr. C. Ronald Kahn – the chief academic officer at Joslin Diabetes Center and Mary K. Iacocca professor of medicine at the Harvard Medical School – is perhaps the world’s most widely recognized researcher in the field of diabetes. His … Continue reading

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Get Your Fall Greens Now

In our global economy your local grocery store is filled with fresh produce all year round. It is easy to forget that fruits and vegetables have specific growing seasons. Even though we can often buy anything we want at any … Continue reading

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Diwali For the Carb Conscious

Every culture has its big celebratory holidays.  For Hindus one of these is Diwali, the “Festival of Lights.” Starting on November 3 and continuing until the 7, the five-day holiday signifies the triumph of good over evil. Originating in India, … Continue reading

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An Investigation of Fall Treats

This editorial is written by Stephanie M. McPherson, science writer and video producer for Joslin. I’m all about fall. When the air chills and pumpkins adorn doorsteps, my tastebuds turn to cravings for caramel apples, pumpkin seeds, and cider donuts. … Continue reading

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Fruits –A Key to Staying Healthy?

The Joslin Blog ran a column a few months ago discussing the role of fruit in the diet of those with diabetes. In a salute to serendipity, a recently published analysis of several well-known, long-running observational studies have found evidence … Continue reading

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Joslin Communications Internship Opportunity

The Joslin Diabetes Center Communications Department is looking for a part-time intern interested in multimedia communications for the Spring semester. Intern responsibilities include: developing content for the website, blog and social media platforms covering lifestyle management, Joslin events and scientific and clinical advancements. The ideal candidate will demonstrate … Continue reading

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Ask Joslin: Morning Highs

What should I do about morning highs? The goal for the morning blood glucose is to be less than 130. High blood glucose levels in the morning can be caused by a number of factors, such as not taking enough … Continue reading

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Marine Corps Marathon Runner Won’t Give Up

Finding out that he had diabetes was not the diagnosis Greg Dow was expecting to hear, but at the time, it was a relief to know what he had been suffering from for weeks. “In some ways it was a … Continue reading

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Joslin Launches Interactive Healthy Plate

Joslin Diabetes Center’s Healthy Plate, which launched on September 25, is an online interactive meal planning tool that helps people with diabetes understand the carb, fat and protein content of each meal. Healthy Plate is the newest addition to the … Continue reading

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Adjusting Your Correction Factor

There are many ways to dose mealtime insulin. One way, called matching insulin to carbohydrate or advanced carb counting, involves the use of two ratios. One ratio tells you how much insulin you need for a given amount of carbohydrate … Continue reading

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