Become an ACHIEVER! A New Weight Loss Program at Joslin

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Dr. Osama Hamdy talks about Joslin’s new weight loss program

People who would like to join a weight loss program designed specifically for patients with diabetes now have third option at Joslin Diabetes Center.

ACHIEVERS, a credits-based weight management program built around your schedule , has been added to  Joslin’s 12-week Why WAIT program and the 5-day YOU-Turn program.

“We are giving people flexibility,” said Osama Hamdy, M.D., Ph.D., Medical Director of Joslin’s Obesity Clinical Program. Previously, people hoping for weight loss support could only choose from Joslin’s two group intervention programs. If they were ineligible or couldn’t fit that commitment into their schedule, there were no other options.

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8 Responses to Become an ACHIEVER! A New Weight Loss Program at Joslin

  1. Jeffrey P. Sandoval says:

    I am interested in weight loss program

  2. Bode Gibbs says:

    Please count me in

  3. I think that programs like these are going to be quite successful! It actually reminds me of another program that I read about at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. They are helping people who are at risk for type 2 diabetes to make the necessary lifestyle adjustments in order to curb their own risk and stay healthy in the long run. I actually think that this is part of a national diabetes prevention program, but either way, I think it sounds like an amazing initiative!

  4. Roshni says:

    What is the Why Wait program ? I’d like to join

    • Hello,
      Here’s more information on Why WAIT:
      It’s a 12-week program, with meetings once-per-week. You’ll work in a group with doctors, nurses, and diabetes educators to make adjustments to diabetes medications to enhance weight reduction, create a structured diet with regular food and meal replacements (following Joslin Nutrition Guidelines), and put together an individualized exercise plan. You can check out the link or get in touch with Joan Beaton (phone: 617.309.3491, e-mail: for more information.

  5. KaceyLaci says:

    Wonderful post with excellent article for Health management.

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