A Note From Kim: Why I Ride

Kim Southwick rides for a cure all around the country. Keep up with her on the Joslin Blog!
Kim Southwick rides for a cure all around the country. Keep up with her on the Joslin Blog!


As the summer begins to wind down, I’d like use this note to share how my training is going.  The idea was prompted by a friend of mine who showed me her training log a few weeks ago.  Excel spreadsheet, calculations, links, colors and cool fonts… this log was high tech!  I, on the other hand, track my rides in a paisley covered diary I came across at my Mom’s house after she passed.  It sits on my bed side table and each night before I go to sleep, I jot down my miles.  There’s nothing high tech or sophisticated to this log, but it works for my running list of miles.  It looks something like this:

8/21/13:        12
8/22/13:        12
8/23/13:        12…

Pretty exciting stuff, huh?  Not!  There’s a reason why I’m logging these notes before bed…Zzzzzzzz. Total sleep inducer!  However, it does make me happy to report that the monotony of “12” is punctuated by a larger numbers, like a 40, 50 or even 100, especially as I get closer to October and Death Valley.  What I really look forward too, however, is the end of each month. On that last day, I grab the calculator and do what I consider big math – I tally the total miles logged for the last 30 or so days!  My year is coming along pretty nicely if I do say so myself:

Jan:                  173 miles
Feb:                 216 miles
March:            233 miles
April:               228 miles
May:                362 miles
June:               233 miles
July:                344 miles

A lot of people call me crazy for riding every day.  “Even in the rain?” is usually followed by “What about when it snows?” “And you willingly go to DEATH VALLEY?!” is how a typical conversation wraps up.  I laugh at all of it, and think quite often that I really am crazy to ride the way I do and in the locations I do.

But, then again, my riding’s not done for the sheer joy of the ride.  It’s done because riding and insulin go hand in hand as my course of care.  I ride because I’m a type 1 diabetic. Turning the pedals every single day means I don’t require as much insulin.  Turning the pedals strengthens my heart (one of the major organs that can suffer complications from years of being diabetic).  Turning the pedals helps me keep my girlish figure…ok, that’s a stretch, but you get the point!  Turning the pedals is just a really good thing for me!  I really do love to ride my bike.  There’s no better way to start and end a day than with a bike ride, but there are certainly days where I’d rather just skip it.  But I don’t.  Because the rides impact my numbers and make me feel in control of living with a disease that’s a lot like a roller coaster.

I log 6 miles into the office and 6 miles on the return home, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year, minus vacation and sick days.  Occasionally I even record the weather, noting the days that are brutally cold, rainy, hot or just full of crazy drivers!  I’ll continue to do these rides until there’s a cure for my disease, or until I can no longer stay upright on a bike!  I believe the cure will come first, and am asking for your help in recognizing that huge goal.  I ride for the JDRF because together we will see a cure for type 1 diabetes.  Please support me by donating to the link below.  I’ve raised 60 percent of my goal of $4,000 for Death Valley this year!

As always, I hope this note finds you enjoying everything life has to offer, and I hope this finds you on your bike!

My best,

….( )/ ( )  http://www2.jdrf.org/goto/kimsride

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