Diabetes+Innovation 2013: Be the Solution

With the growing epidemic of diabetes begging for solutions, Diabetes+Innovation 2013 challenges the diabetes care and management marketplace to BE the solution. Healthcare providers must integrate services. Insurance companies must control costs and inform their subscribers. Employers must learn how to support their employees with diabetes. Technologists must explore new ways to educate patients. And people with diabetes themselves must find ways to manage their own care, every day.

All these issues and more will be by addressed by Diabetes+Innovation 2013, a unique, immersive marketplace of ideas, partnerships, and collaboration that gathers providers, insurers, employers, technologists, and people with diabetes committed to BE the solution. Here’s just a sample of what people will be buzzing about for 3 days in DC this October:

  • Changing the food culture to prevent diabetes
  • Workplace wellness and diabetes
  • Can social networking help control diabetes?
  • What works & how you can make a difference
  • Diabetes? There’s an app for that
  • What healthcare can learn from other industries
  • From startup garage to patient care

Visit diabetesinnovation.org to see a full agenda with topics and speakers. Diabetes+Innovation 2013 will inspire you to join the community dedicated to managing and eradicating diabetes and the heart, liver, kidney, and eye diseases that it often causes. Click on Registration is NOW OPEN to be part of this exciting experience!

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