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Diabetes Innovation 2013: BE The Solution

Sometimes making progress with diabetes is getting one patient to eat better or figuring out how a particular hormone increases fat storage, but sometimes you need to widen the scope of your lens and figure out why there is a … Continue reading

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New Reverse Vaccine Brings Hope as a Possible Type 1 Diabetes Treatment

Some exciting news recently came from the biotech world, where TOL-3021 passed phase II trials for safety and effectiveness as a possible future treatment for type 1 diabetes.  TOL-3021, known as a reverse vaccine, was able to help reduce beta … Continue reading

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Ask Joslin: About Insulin Part 2

Why do I need to prime an insulin pen every time before I use it? Priming your insulin pen lets you know that the pen is working properly before you inject your dose and it also makes sure that you … Continue reading

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Reach for a Peach: The Benefits of Fruit

Many people with diabetes come into the offices of dietitians with diet histories devoid of fruits. And many who do eat fruit limit their consumption to apples only. When asked why, they often reply that either they were told to … Continue reading

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Survey About Medications for People with Type 2 Diabetes

Many new medications for type 2 diabetes have become available in the past several years, but it’s not always clear which medicine is best for which person. Dr. Ruth Hertzman-Miller, part of the Professional Education team at Joslin, is doing a … Continue reading

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Artificial Sweeteners: To Use or Not To Use?

There has been a lot of negative publicity going around about diet sodas and artificial sweeteners recently. A controlled, clinical trial from the Washington University School of Medicine and a series of epidemiological studies are seeking to change the public’s … Continue reading

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Joslin Patient Portal Launches | A Q&A with Bill Kuklinski

Bill Kuklinski, Joslin’s Director of Software Development is overseeing the design of the patient portal as part of the Joslin Everywhere project at Joslin Diabetes Center. Mr. Kuklinski has over 30 years’ experience in software development and systems consulting. The … Continue reading

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Ask Joslin: Varying Blood Sugar Readings

Why do I get such different blood sugar readings even though I eat the same thing for breakfast every day? Food intake, although a large component of blood glucose variability, is only one factor affecting your glycemic control. Exercise or … Continue reading

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High GI Leads to Food Cravings, Study Says

Though people often consider overeating to be a personal choice, scientists are discovering that overindulgence is much more complicated than that. Sometimes people may not even be aware that they are eating foods that make it more likely for them … Continue reading

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Diabetes+Innovation 2013: Be the Solution

With the growing epidemic of diabetes begging for solutions, Diabetes+Innovation 2013 challenges the diabetes care and management marketplace to BE the solution. Healthcare providers must integrate services. Insurance companies must control costs and inform their subscribers. Employers must learn how … Continue reading

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