Introducing the Joslin Blog’s Tools Reviews

Ever wonder what new diabetes devices are coming onto the market or if the new app advertised to help you manage your blood glucose and save you time is truly the next best thing? Well, you are going to have a chance to find out. The Joslin Blog is starting a review column for diabetes tools—you can find them under the category “Tools”—where you will find up-to-date reviews on meters, pumps, insulin delivery devices, diabetes apps, weight loss products and more.

Before we begin, a bit of disclosure is appropriate here. The opinions given in the reviews are solely the authors’ and don’t necessarily reflect those of Joslin. Joslin Diabetes Center doesn’t endorse any products.

Each product review will include the following information:

Product Name




Ease of use

Standout Features


Where appropriate and the information is available, products will be scored on validity, reliability and consistency.

We are also very happy to take suggestions on products to review from our readers. To suggest a tool to review please contact the Joslin communications department at

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  1. Mary Nesrsta says:

    I am interested in what you think of Metanex a dietary food that is prescribed for Neuropathy. I was wondering why it is by prescription, yet insurance companies refuse to cover it. Is there proof that it really works or is this another bogus product that promises , relief?

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