1. Seeing toast on the tray let’s me know you folks absolutely do not “get it” regarding
    the proper diet for anybody with T 1 diabetes—
    eliminate processed carbs.

    This is NOT a burdensome way to eat—almost all my partners do.
    In California, the fast food places sell hamburgers wrapped in lettuce, it has become so mainstream.

    • Lee Ann, I totally agree. It seems as though they fed different dinners of high fat and low fat, but probably did not remove the corresponding carbs from the high fat diet. Otherwise, it makes not feasible sense that glucose levels stayed equally high for longer. Show us the dietary makeup and glucose results.

  2. I would like to know what types of foods were used in this study and what ratios were used. I noticed in the video the plate had a huge portion of rice on it which has a very high GI number. As a athlete with type 1 I have found that a higher fat lower carb diet with many vegetables has provided very good blood glucose control. My A1C ranges from 5.8-6

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