Type 1 Diabetes Symposium Highlights Cutting-Edge Research

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On Monday, May 6, Joslin Diabetes Center brought together some of the best minds in type 1 diabetes research for a day-long symposium covering the field’s cutting-edge research.

George King, M.D., Chief Scientific Officer at Joslin Diabetes Center and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School

The morning began with a welcome from John Brooks, President and CEO of Joslin. “Type 1 is major part of our focus,” he said. “We want to continue to devote resources and energy…to find a real solution.” George King, Chief Scientific Officer, and Jeffrey Flier, Dean of Harvard Medical School, both discussed Joslin’s long history of involvement in type 1 diabetes research, from the administering of one of the first insulin treatments in the 1920s to the realization in the early 1980s that type 1 diabetes was not in fact a sudden onset disease, but one that built gradually in the immune system over time.

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