Show Us Your Pedometer!

As part of National Exercise Month, Joslin Diabetes Center is starting a Show Us Your Pedometer campaign to motivate people to increase their daily physical activity.

A pedometer, which is a portable device that measures a person’s physical activity throughout the day, is an effective and simple tool that can be utilized to boost your motivation to exercise. Both children and adults can utilize pedometers to track their daily movements or steps.

Although pedometers are designed to be worn at the waist, you can also wear a pedometer on your arm or ankle. Most importantly, your pedometer should be placed on an area of your body that creates the most movement throughout a typical day.

When you are considering which pedometer to purchase, it is important to evaluate accuracy, comfort, price and personal preferences.

Consumer Reports suggest the following brands for accuracy, but other pedometers will suffice as long as you adjust them for accuracy purposes:

  • Omron HJ-112
  • New-lifestyles NL-2000
  • Sportsline 330, 343, & 345
  • Yamax SW-200 and SW-700

You can also monitor your daily movements and steps by downloading a pedometer app on your smartphone.

The Washington Post and Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital offer several suggestions:

  • The Accupedo Pedometer Widget (for Android; $4)
  • Pedometer Pro GPS+ (for iPhone, iPad and iPodTouch; $3)
  • BIDMC Pedometer” in iTunes Store or Android Market (Free)

The National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD) recommends that you should reach approximately 10,000 steps per day (this may not be ideal for an individual beginning a physical activity program or for an individual with a disability).

How to measure exercise:

  • Attach the pedometer in the morning and continue to wear it all day
  • At the end of the day, record your steps
  • Calculate your average daily steps at the end of each week and then create a goal for the next week
  • Keep a log where you record all of your progress
  • Repeat this process for the remainder of National Exercise Month

The most important part is to stay active and track your progress using a pedometer, and remember, to have some fun while you are exercising!

Join Joslin’s pledge to become more active by sending a picture of yourself or someone you know using a pedometer to the Joslin Twitter @joslindiabetes or the Joslin Instagram, @joslindiabetesctr, using the tag #mypedometer.

How many steps will YOU take?!

(Information from the NCHPAD)

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