A Tip A Day: National Nutrition Month 2013

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31 nutrition tips for 31 days of March!
Try to incorporate each tip into your daily routine

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  1. Stephanie Brett-Bell says:

    I am a 50 Year Joslin Clinic medalist and have learned so much from the nutrition department at Joslin over the years. I am interested in which whole grain cereals are recommended. Also one of my problems is that high fiber foods are not easy for me to digest since I have mild diabetic gastroparesis. I keep my portions small when I eat foods with high fiber and include fruit and vegetables daly, .I am curious about ideas you may have about tips for eating well with gastroparesis. Thank you so much.

    • Nora (one of the Joslin Dietititans) says:

      Dear Ms. Brett-Bell.
      Congratulations on your medal!
      There is a wide variation in the severity of gastroparesis symptoms. Some people with very mild symptoms can tolerate moderate amounts of fat and fiber and others need to consume only low fat liquids. The major issues are avoiding intestinal obstructions, keeping blood glucose levels reasonable and maintaining good nutritional status. In general a low fiber diet is considered under 15 grams per day with each meal not exceeding 5 grams. Using well cooked vegetables and canned fruits in their own juice can help you maintain nutritional balance without increasing fiber content. In regard to your question about whole grain cereal we don’t generally recommend whole grains for people with gastroparesis, however if you can tolerate them then those with 3 grams of less would be preferred.

  2. Assaad says:

    Good information from Jolslin news .so I hope better nutrition notes and advice as expected thank you for your nice efforts in education

  3. Pasqual Perrino says:

    What documentary evidence do you have supporting the assertion that sodium is harmful. Could you please refer me to the controlled study. I noted a study was published in the Americal Journal of Hypertension, involving 6,500 participants, found no benefit to a low sodium. Indeed, the low sodium participants had more cardiac events, although this was not statistically significant.

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