M. Donna Younger, M.D., Honored at Joslin Ceremony

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The ceremony attendees crowd around Dr. Younger

On Tuesday, Dec. 18, M. Donna Younger, M.D. of the Joslin Clinic Adult Section was recognized and honored for her 50 plus year career at the Joslin Diabetes Center.

Dr. Younger first joined Joslin in 1959 when she arrived on a fellowship from the National Institutes of Health. In 1961, she began treating patients under the guidance of Dr. Elliot P. Joslin, founder of the clinic and the father of modern diabetes care. When Dr. Joslin fell ill and was hospitalized in 1961 (at age 92), he insisted that Dr. Younger be his doctor because he was confident in her talent and abilities as a physician.

Dr. Younger learned the craft and the art of medicine from Dr. Joslin and Dr. Priscilla White, one of the well-respected physicians who treated patients at the Joslin Clinic’s inception. Dr. Younger began practicing here at a time when the medical word believed Joslin’s protocols to be far too severe and outside of the mainstream treatments for the average individual with diabetes to follow. But the medical community was soon proven wrong with her help.

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  1. Andrea Penney says:

    It was my honor to have worked with Dr. Younger for a few years at Joslin. She is an excellent MD. I found her most kind to her patients. She has a love of learning and sharing education with her co workers. I am a better diabetes nurse and person for having knowing her.

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