Losing Weight Virtually with Joslin Everywhere

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Losing weight when you have diabetes may be only a keystroke away. One of the first innovations in the Joslin Everywhere (JE) program, the Joslin’s virtual outreach architecture, is an on-line weight management program for people with diabetes.

Joslin’s Why WAIT program, a well-attended, successful in-person 12 week program for people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes who need to lose weight, has demonstrated excellent outcomes for both weight loss and blood glucose control and has garnered accolades from patients and health care providers. So much so, that Joslin has recently expanded its reach into the community with a Why WAIT type program they developed for the Waltham YMCA (Y) for people with type 2 diabetes not using insulin.

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3 Responses to Losing Weight Virtually with Joslin Everywhere

  1. Doris Warywoda says:

    Interested in the app for an Android phone. Thanks.

  2. Karen Davidson says:

    How and when can I sign up for this – or is it only for companies ?

    • Hi Karen,
      We are just starting a pilot program for use of the Portal. The first few pilot patients will begin this week. Based on feedback from the pilot, we hope to extend the portal to more patients starting in April. The initial version of the Portal will let patients view their labs, send secure messages to members of their Care Team at Joslin, and review educational content selected specifically for them by their Care Team. We will be adding new features to the Portal throughout the remainder of the year, such as Appointment Requests, Blood Glucose Meter uploads, and Medication Lists.

      For the pilot project, we have a subset (about half a dozen) of our physicians in the Center who are nominating 3 – 5 of their patients as early participants. Once the Pilot is concluded, we will announce specific details on how the broader Joslin patient population can sign-up.

      If you are interested in signing up, I can put you in touch with the team. You can email me at communications@joslin.harvard.edu
      Hope this helps!

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