Joslin Video Classic: Strategies to Honor Our Resolutions

Last year, Amy Campbell, M.S., R.D., L.D.N., C.D.E., put together a great TuDiabetes chat about sticking to your New Year’s Resolution. Check out her advice here, to get your 2013 off to its best start!

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3 Responses to Joslin Video Classic: Strategies to Honor Our Resolutions

  1. Carlos M. Vallarino says:

    I have been a diabetic 1, since November 1947, and have visited Joslin Clinic many times. The first time I was greeted by Dr E.P. Joslin himself, who referred me to Dr P. White. Other times I was treated by Dr H. Root, and many others whose names I cannot recall, but I am very grateful for all they taught me and helped me. If it was not for them I would not be here, now that I am 79 years old. I am seriously thinking about visiting the Joslin Clinic again in the spring, to have my feet and legs checked. I will be in contact soon.

  2. Bill Joyce says:

    Dear Amy Campbell… Could you send me the slides for your Resolution presentation. I thought it well done and would like to have a bit more time to read the slides themselves. Thanks you and keep up the good work, Bill Joyce

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