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Ordering Your Exercise to Avoid Hypoglycemia?

People with type 1 diabetes have to be cautious when they exercise or do any kind of physical activity to avoid setting their blood glucose levels out of sorts. While exercise is a major factor in managing diabetes, people with … Continue reading

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Ask Joslin: How Should I Time My Meals and My Type 2 Diabetes Medications?

People with type 2 diabetes may take up to three or four oral medications, insulin or an incretin to control their blood glucose levels.  Oral medications usually work through different pathways in the body and attack high glucose levels from … Continue reading

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To Supplement or Not to Supplement–Are Fish Oil Capsules Effective?

A September article in the Boston Globe reviewed the case for taking fish oil supplements as a prophylaxis against heart disease and found the evidence lacking. The Globe story was based on the results of a review paper by Dr. Moses … Continue reading

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Digging Deeper: How Hyperglycemia Works

Educators tell their patients that hyperglycemia or high blood glucose wreaks havoc with just about every organ and tissue in the body as a way of explaining why keeping A1C close to target is so important. But we rarely go … Continue reading

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How Low (Carb) Should You Go?

Is a low-carbohydrate diet really the best way to go? Maybe for a small percentage of people. Researchers have been debating the benefits of using low-carbohydrate diets to control blood glucose levels in people with diabetes for decades.  Starvation-level minimal … Continue reading

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Diabetes and UTIs: Recognize and Prevent!

Fifteen minutes ago you went to the lavatory and now you are back at your desk feeling distinctly uncomfortable. You need to use the toilet again and in the pit of your stomach is that sinking feeling that says, “Oh … Continue reading

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Ask Joslin: When Should I Check My Blood Sugar?

The answer depends on the medications you are taking, your current level of control and what information you are looking for.  For example, people with type 1 diabetes who take insulin four times a day need to check at least … Continue reading

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Tips from Joslin’s Geriatric Clinic

It isn’t easy getting older. So many things just don’t work as well anymore and everything seems a bit more complicated. Throw diabetes into the mix and –for one in four adults over the age of 65, that is a … Continue reading

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Losing Weight Virtually with Joslin Everywhere

Losing weight when you have diabetes may be only a keystroke away. One of the first innovations in the Joslin Everywhere (JE) program, the Joslin’s virtual outreach architecture, is an on-line weight management program for people with diabetes. Joslin’s Why … Continue reading

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Keep Up With Your Fitness Resolution

It’s cold and dank out; raining so hard that the water has seeped into the crevices in your new waterproof boots and left your toes curling against its bite every time you take a step.   Not really the type of … Continue reading

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