Joslin Blog Project: Moving Forward

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Check out these posts from the final week of the Joslin Blog Project! These wonderful bloggers worked together to raise money for Joslin’s High Hopes Fund, by writing one post per week for the Project during November, National Diabetes Month. They showed their dedication to helping Joslin find the best treatments and continue research towards a cure. You can contribute by visiting the Joslin Blog Project fundraising website.

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Week 4 Prompt: Moving Forward What tech/management tools/delivery systems have helped you live more normally? How could these things be better?


“Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without my insulin pump and glucose meter because both have changed my life for the better.

Being able to test my blood sugars whenever and wherever I want has not only given me better control of my diabetes – It’s given me a better life with diabetes.”
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One Third of a Muffin

“When I was diagnosed I never had to test my urine to see what my blood sugar was and I didn’t have to boil syringes on the stove before using them. The dark(er) ages were behind me and I didn’t even know it. When I was diagnosed I was on multiple daily injections (MDI) of Lente and Rugular. I ate on a schedule and there was little flexibility in changing that ever rigid diet plan. (Only 10 french fries?! What 10 year old eats 10 french fries…).”
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Texting My Pancreas

“Much like Batman and his utility belt, I carry and/or wear devices and gadgets that make my job – the job of living well with type 1 diabetes – less difficult. (I hesitate to say “easier”, because it remains a fact that exactly none of it is easy, and won’t be until technology can do the thinking for us. And even then… okay, I’m stopping this tangent here. It’s a whole seperate blog post.)

My trifecta of necessary evils – glucose meter, insulin pump, and continuous glucose monitor – allow me, when used optimally, the information and flexbility to live as “normally” as anyone with diabetes can.”
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“I guess I kind of jumped the gun, because I wrote a bit about d-technology and management in my Joslin Blog Project post from two weeks ago.  I love the tools we have today.  Carb counting and the bolus features on my insulin pump make eating much more flexible (AND FUN) than it used to be.  (Trust me, the exchange diet was NOT FUN!!)  My CGM helps keep me aware of high and lows that I just might not feel.  I can tell at a glance if I’m good for a workout or need to have a snack first.  I can tell at a glance if I’m good for some dessert or if I should delay it until my dinner carbs and bolus have run their course.  Fingersticks are unbelievably better than urine testing was.”
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