Joslin’s National Diabetes Month Blog Project

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We are thrilled to announce that during November, a selection of diabetes bloggers have joined with Joslin to help raise awareness about living with diabetes. Each blogger will be writing four posts about their experiences with diabetes, and we will link to their posts each Friday this month.

The bloggers are also working together to raise money for Joslin’s High Hopes Fund. Our bloggers are showing their dedication to helping Joslin find the best treatments and continue research towards a cure. You can contribute by visiting Blog-Project/National-Diabetes-Month.htm

We hope you enjoy reading the posts from our featured bloggers below!


Kelly Kunik just celebrated her 35th Diaversary this past Halloween in the middle of Hurricane Sandy and is very happy to have left both Sandy and The Diabetes Dark Ages behind! Kelly writes about busting diabetes myths, perpetuating diabetes realities & spreading diabetes validation through humor,ownership & advocacy.

Baseball, Boston, and Bloodsugar

I am a 21 year old nursing student at Drexel University, I am a type 1 insulin pump dependent diabetic, diagnosed at age 14.

One Third of a Muffin

Controlling what I can and laughing at the rest.

Six Until Me

Kerri Sparling, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1986, provides a real glimpse into a real life with diabetes.  She manages her diabetes, and lives her life, by the mantra “Diabetes doesn’t define me, but it helps explain me.”

Tales of Swaging

Floored by a LADA diagnosis at 25, Ashley writes about her life with diabetes and her ambitions of becoming a healthcare professional.

Texting My Pancreas

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1986 at the age of six, Kim writes about and illustrates her life with a healthy dose of levity and humor.


Karen was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in December 1979, and is grateful to have left the days of urine testing and exchange diets behind in favor of finger sticks, carb counting and insulin pumping.

3 Responses to Joslin’s National Diabetes Month Blog Project

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  2. Jean D Haight says:

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  3. Kat says:

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