Joslin Blog Project: Talking

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These wonderful bloggers are working together to raise money for Joslin’s High Hopes Fund, by writing one post per week for the Project during November, National Diabetes Month. They are showing their dedication to helping Joslin find the best treatments and continue research towards a cure. You can contribute by visiting the Joslin Blog Project fundraising website.

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Week 1 Prompt: Talking Why did you start blogging about diabetes and what are the best and worst parts of diabetes blogging?


“Halle Berry is the reason I started Diabetesalicious. I was watching her interview on The Actor’s Studio – You know the one where she tells James Lipton that she’s weened herself of insulin through diet and exercise and now considers herself a type 2 PWD.
That interview really infuriated me – So much so that I wrote my very first blog post and reached out to Halle’s publicist’s NYC & LA office to chat about it.”
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One Third of a Muffin

“I jumped on the blog train a little late. After years of reading stories from others, I felt that adding my voice to the mix would only help to diversify and build on the strength of this ever growing D-community. I tend to take a more…sarcastic tone and try to lighten up the darkest times with humor.”
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Texting My Pancreas

“I’m here to share my story, through whatever medium seems to fit best. I’m here because I know that feeling alone is one of the most toxic parts of life with diabetes. I’m here because I wish someone like me had been around when I was going through my lowest points.”
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“Ah, talking.  Sometimes talking makes me nervous, and I get this babbling thing going where I barely take a breath.  But writing?  Writing is something I’ve always felt very comfortable with and something I’ve always loved.  As a kid I wrote long letters to my cousins.  As a teen I signed up for a pen-pal and we wrote epic, 30+ page letters back and forth (and we’re still friends on Facebook).  In college, between term papers and class notes, I wrote letters that kept me in touch with my friends back home.”
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