Care at Your Fingertips: Joslin’s New Digital Platform

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Cathy Carver is part of a team at Joslin that is working to make diabetes care more easily accessible online and on your smartphone.

Catherine Carver, M.S., A.N.P., C.D.E., Vice President for Advocacy and Planning is one of the key movers behind Joslin’s bid to bring diabetes care into the 21st century with Joslin Everywhere, a digital care and education platform in the works at Joslin Diabetes Center.

So what is Joslin Everywhere?
Imagine Joslin’s resources being available to everybody, anywhere, on their phone, on their computer or tablet, by live video chat.  But not as boilerplate, instead, in a form tailored to the patient’s individual needs.  For example, suppose the patient is Mexican and wants to know about nutrition and diabetes- Joslin Everywhere would present him with food choices in Spanish that are common to the Mexican food mores.

Expanding beyond face- to- face office visits is the only way we can remain relevant in the face of the  tsunami of new  diabetes cases coming our way.  The only way we can hope to stem this epidemic is to reach people through other mediums.

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  1. Tom Beatson says:

    I’m glad to see the progress with Joslin Everywhere. This is a real step forward.

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