Doctor-Patient Interaction Focus of 6th Annual Mackay Forum

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From left: Katie Weinger, Ed.D., R.N., of Joslin, Mark Peyrot, Ph.D., of Loyola University Maryland, and Martin Abrahamson, M.D. of Joslin

When patients and doctors can engage in honest conversation, that’s when care is at its best. That was the take-home message of “What People Think About Diabetes, Why It Matters, and What Can Be Done,” the 6th Annual Harriet Mackay Forum (named for the first diabetes educator, who worked under Dr. Elliott P. Joslin).

Mark Peyrot, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology at Loyola University delivered the physician-centric lecture. He focused on showing doctors and other health care providers how they can better communicate with their patients to achieve best results from care.

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  1. linda buzogany says:

    If your staff would like a way to understand the experience of the diabetic family, this book will do it (and PS. always ask about sleep).

  2. manish kumar says:

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