Eating Well on a Budget

Despite the taunts of various naysayers it is possible to eat well on a budget—the operating definition meaning to eat healthy foods that taste good. There are, however, two prerequisites: the person attempting this feat must have a basic command of cooking and a fair degree of organizational skill. The first is a requirement; the second a strong recommendation.

Just as drugs have side effects, there are reverberations to food budgeting. It takes time and generally avoids the use of convenience items. The “from-scratch” nature of the endeavor means that without a basic proficiency of cooking techniques and seasonings your food will be healthy, but nobody will want to eat it!

But you can learn cooking skills—if you don’t know how to cook, invest in in a good all round cookbook that teaches skills alongside recipes, such as the Joy of Cooking or How to Boil Water, or enroll in a low-cost community sponsored cooking class.

Being organized comes in handy when sorting through and deciding on the many coupons, sales, food pantries and farmer’s markets available in any given week.

Now that we have the out of the way, let’s get down to business.

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