Camp NYDA Reunion 2013

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A photograph from Camp NYDA, taken by one of the reunion organizers

Did you go to Camp NYDA in upstate New York? A group of former campers is getting together details on a camp reunion for the summer of 2013.

Sandy Dettenmayer, one of the organizers, says,

“Our group is multi-generational, representing four decades of former campers/CITs. Even though changes in camp life evolved throughout the years with new camp directors and with advances in diabetes management, many things remained the same.  Camp was life-changing for many of us.  As children, we learned that we were not alone and we felt empowered in dealing with our care.  Besides all the fun that we had with everyday camp activities, we developed a sense of camaraderie, with many of us making lifelong friends.”

The reunion would be open to all former campers/CITs, staff and their families. Interested in attending, want to help plan, or simply want to get in touch with old friends? Connect with other former campers at the Camp NYDA Reunion 2013 Facebook Group!

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  1. maureen o'rourke says:

    attended camp from 1977 thru 1995


    When and where is the reunion?
    I attended 1967-1970.

  3. Sandy Cohen Dettenmayer says:

    Thanks so much for the responses and inquires!
    Planning is ongoing for the Camp NYDA Reunion to be held at the Burlingham, NY campgrounds on Saturday June 15th, 2013. We encourage everyone to join our Facebook group ( search Camp NYDA Reunion 2013) for updates or you may contact us by e-mail at
    We hope to see you there!
    All my best,
    Sandy Cohen Dettenmayer

  4. Sandy Cohen Dettenmayer says:

    Hi Susan Slosberg!
    So nice to see you here! We were CIT’s together at Camp NYDA in August of 1972. 🙂 I am still searching for those that were CIT’s with us, so if you are in contact with anyone, please spread the word about our upcoming reunion! Tommy Regan (Shorty) is a member of our facebook Reunion group and I’m sure you remember him and his guitar and drum playing!

    • Hi, Sandy,
      was surprissed to read your note as a CIT in 1972,
      I was a Camp-Counselor in 1974 and what like to contact Some CIT
      I had for assistants or anyone who knows about the camp policy in
      those days. I only remeber the name of John, the Assistant Director
      and Betty – one of the staff.
      Do you know for how long they have been there – or anythin else?
      Do you also remeber the kitchen team – 2 asian boys and a blondlady,
      Sorry, no other names abilable.
      I am Chris from Germany

  5. Charlie says:

    Hey there Sandy and Sue!
    Charlie here. Should be a good time. Send details.

  6. Sandy says:

    Hi Charlie!
    You can find all the details on Facebook, by joining the group Camp NYDA 2013. If you are not a Facebook user, just e-mail the Camp NYDA Alumni Association at and we’ll fill you in! 🙂

  7. Sandy says:

    Charlie: Ooops. That was Camp NYDA Reunion 2013. I must have been “shocky”! lol

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    Thx -Charlene

  9. says:

    I was in charge of the nurses at Camp NYDA in the 60’s. My name is Fran Szaluta.
    I was Fran Carlin back then.I would love to hear from anyone who was there then. We were nurses from Long Island College Hospital.I AM USING MY DTRS. FACEBOOK. ALI SZALUTA. i WOULD LOVE TO HEAR ABOUT THE REUNION.

    • Tommy Regan says:

      Hi Fran! We’re having a rough time contacting You…Sandy sent You an e-mail but it came back and You don’t seem to have a Facebook Account…I attended NYDA from 62 to 71 as a Camper, 72 as a CIT and finally went back in the early to mid 80s as a Counselor (just couldn’t get enough o’ that Place, lol!)…Feel free to contact Me at:….You as well Connie Legge….Looking forward to connecting with You both…

  10. Connie Legge says:

    I was a camper in the 1960.s and spent two summers on the cabin side of the lake and two summers in the bunks. I remember Mr. Sajecki and his daughter Doris (I think) and a man named Mr. James. I wonder what has become of the camp and would like to see it opened again as it made diabetes not such a big deal, you learned to live with it.
    I have had the disease for 55 years now and I get along OK.

    • Tommy Regan says:

      Hi Connie…Tommy Regan here…I attended Camp NYDA from 1962 to 1971 as a Camper, 1972 as a C.I.T. and finally a Counselor in 1983 to 1986…Have I got some REALLY great Groups for You to look into on Facebook, My Friend….Contact Me at: or look for Me on Facebook as Tommy Regan…Hope to hear from You 🙂

  11. David Mann says:

    I was a camper at NYDA from 1962 – 1966 and still healthy. I remember the Sajecky family. The only other camper I have stayed in touch with over the years is Stew Leitner.

  12. gina consolini RN says:

    I was one of the nurses from St Mary’s School of Nursing in Waterbury,CT
    Lynne Dantino was the other nurse with me. The other 2 nurses were from a college in NY but I do not remember where. The Dr. was Harold Starkman from Albert Eistein School of Medicine Pedicatrics.
    Wow what a blast from the past.
    I just found this..just now.
    Best of everything to whoever was there.I was there in 1977..if I remember correctly. My nursing school closed in 1987.

  13. craig hunter says:

    hi worked at the camp in the summer of 1977-78 as a camp counselor / co-counselor was mike Rothman AKA FROGIE and head counselor was Allen forgot the last name that was the best summer job ”

  14. Diane Pandolfo Maher says:

    I just found this site as I was looking for information about NYDA.
    I was one of the student nurses from Long Island College in Brooklyn NY, I worked at camp from 1961-1964. I was there with Fran Carlin, the Sajecy family, two Dineen brothers , counselors from zavarian brothers hs. Ruth Cohen was another student nurse with our group.
    I have some pictures that go way back, will try to post them
    Just wanted to say it was one of the best experiences I ever had. I learned so much those three years I was there. It was an honor to be a nurse for all the kids.

  15. Howard says:

    I was there probably in 66 & 67. I remember the shocky song, a bad counselor named Jack. Teherball and the lake. My parents sometimes came up weekend and stayed across in the bungalows.

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