“Meet the Medalists” and Learn about Joslin’s Research Program

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In 1948, the Joslin Diabetes Center began awarding Victory Medals to people who had lived with insulin-dependent diabetes for 25 or more years. With improvement in treatment and self-management strategies, a 50-year benchmark was swiftly added. And today, more than 50 people have been recognized for living healthfully with type 1 diabetes for at least 75 years.

Joslin’s ongoing Medalist Study looks at what makes these Medalists so successful in their diabetes care. The JDRF recently featured the Medalist Study on their website in an article called “Triumphing Over Type 1 Diabetes: Meet the Medalists,” where they discussed the research and profiled some successful type 1 stories. Check it out here!

Interested in learning more about the Medalist program? Email Stephanie Hastings at stephanie.hastings@joslin.harvard.edu, or visit the Medalist program website.

4 Responses to “Meet the Medalists” and Learn about Joslin’s Research Program

  1. ismail asmal says:

    first time i logged on to your fabulous website.just discovered that i have type 2 diabetes. my uncle prof abdul cader asmal has been with your clinic for many years but seemingly we have lost contact.if you do see him tell him that despite losing both our parents we are still alive and kicking. i really don’t know what to do . this illness is really terrifying and the more i read about it the more afraid i become. ismail asmal. teacher of english in natal south africa

  2. Helen Richter Burtner says:

    I was diagnosed as a diabetic in 1960. Briefly on oral drugs, then oral drugs plus insulin and finally insulin alone at every meal and testing (urine initially and then glucose meter) . My father was diagnosed with diabetes in 1922 and “saved” byBanting and Best……….he was in Wallter Reed hospital and one of first to get insulin. He died at the age of 70…….My brother became a diabetic at 13 and died at 85………I will be 90 next week and fortunately have not experienced long term diabetic complications………..Credit to testing and pump…….. If a metal would spread the word to Type 1 diabetics that a normal life is possible with controlled diet, physical activities and insulin then I will accept one……….I have 3 adult children with no diabetic symptoms… PS credit to my endocrinologists……Helen Burtner. 3600 Park Rd. Charlotte NC

  3. Joyce Hill says:

    I was to receive a 50 year Joslin medal this year, but I was unable to attend the conference and ceremony in Cambridge MA. I actually have had type I diabetes for 59 years- it will be 60 years in January 2018. Will the medal be sent to my home address since I was unable to attend the ceremony?

    • Hi, Joyce
      I’ve removed your address from your post (for privacy reasons). And I’ve forwarded your address and email to the Joslin Medalist coordinator. He will be contacting you shortly.


      Joslin Communications

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