Joslin’s 51st 75-Year Medalist: “It’s a Winning Battle”

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"You did something right because you’re still here," said Barbara Wagler

Barbara Wagler was 12 years old on Feb. 10, 1936 when her mother took her to get a Valentine’s Sundae at a local ice cream shop. That sundae sent Barbara to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Seventy-six years later, Barbara stood on stage at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston to receive her 75-Year Medal, only the 51st to ever be awarded by Joslin.

Barbara has been successful in her self-care with a positive, but realistic, attitude. “Each day, you have to get up and say ‘you have to be better than you were yesterday,’” she said. “You have to fight. And I get mad sometimes because I think my fight is gone. But it isn’t, because I’m going to fight ‘til I die.”

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  1. Mrs. Wagler may remember the days when diabetics were kept on high fat diets-the thinking was that there was no sugar in fat. Congratulations for not only surviving but obviously thriving while dealing with the diabetes. Your realistic approach to the disease is obviously what has allowed you to live so successfully with the disease. The advances and life-style improvements made with the introduction of the implanted pump have obviously been a huge plus in your life. Again, congratulations on your success and I wish you many more years of healthy, happy LIFE!

  2. Congratulations Barbara – I just received my 50 year medal in October 2012 – attitude is the key and that smile helps too! I wish you many more healthy years! Life is Good!

    Take care,

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